Leader in production and marketing of Spanish New Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

Intersur has been marketing certified seed potatoes since 1992 and since that time has maintained close relations with HZPC HOLLAND B.V. We are currently this Dutch company's main distributor in Spain.

Working with HZPC, our farmers and customers, we develop new varieties with greater potential and benefits for both farmer and end consumer alike. Each year in our trial fields we test a large number of new varieties, paying careful attention to how well they grow, how well they withstand handling after harvesting, and last but not least we analyse their flavour, texture and ideal culinary uses.

Amongst the varieties we grow are Liseta, Spunta, Sylvana, Frisia, Monalisa, Ambra, Carrera, Lucinda, Annabelle, Colomba, Asterix, Red Scarlett, Challenger, Agria, Hermes, etc.