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Spanish New Potatoes

The Spanish New Potatoes concept was thought up and implemented by Intersur for all it Spanish production. The idea is that any potatoes grown in Spain which are freshly harvested and marketed straight away should be given the label SPANISH NEW POTATOES.

SPANISH NEW POTATOES are freshly harvested, healthier and tastier than potatoes imported from other countries and can be bought in supermarkets from April to November.

We have around 1500 hectares of SPANISH NEW POTATOES under cultivation in Spain's principal growing areas: Cartagena, Andalusia and Castile-Leon. They are subject to strict technical control from the moment they are planted to the moment they are harvested.

We run growing and supply programmes with our customers so we can keep them supplied with crops from each potato farming area, choosing the most suitable varieties for each area and organising sowing and harvesting times to ensure continuous supply.

INTERSUR currently grows around 30 potato varieties in Spain, bearing in mind suitability for each production area and customer requirements.

Map of Production Areas

Mapa de producciones

Intersur Group Markets

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Amongst the varieties we grow are Liseta, Spunta, Sylvana, Frisia, Monalisa, Ambra, Carrera, Lucinda, Annabelle, Colomba, Asterix, Red Scarlett, Challenger, Agria, Hermes, etc.